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  • About Us

    Founded in 2004 by James (Jim) Gascoigne and Rodney (Rod) Gascoigne, Highway Traffic Control’s success is based on its outstanding people, performance, industry expertise and a focus on forging lifetime bonds with clients. Its culture of teamwork, strong but accessible leadership, and high standards have provided the foundation for one of Australia’s most successful Traffic Management companies.

    Highway Traffic Control has controlled its growth over the years, consolidating relationships with valued clients, while preserving its original people-focused culture. In fact, many key people have been with the company for 9 years. Highway Traffic Control is now a nationally diversified company with more than 250+ employees.

    Long-term Relationships
    The company has long-term relationships with clients such as Thiess, John Holland, BMD Constructions, Leighton Constructions, Abigroup, Downer EDI, Laing O'Rourke, Transurban, Connect East, Transfield and Fulton Hogan. The construction of Eastlink was one of Highway Traffic Control’s earliest major projects, and the company has been involved in various levels of traffic management across this major piece of Victorian infrastructure as well as Citylink over the past 4 years.

    Our areas of expertise encompass all facets of project delivery, construction planning and traffic management. These include programming, project management, design management, estimating and cost planning, site supervision and contract administration.

  • Capabilities & Services

    Highway Traffic Control regularly works with Federal and Local Governments and some of the largest companies in Australia and provides a comprehensive range of Traffic Management and related services for:

    • Utility supply or servicing (including water, gas, sewer and telecommunications)
    • Freeway, Highway and general road construction and maintenance
    • Communications installations and maintenance
    • Underground boring
    • Asphalt and spray sealing
    • Line marking
    • Road authorities
    • Councils
    • Street festivals
    • Public events (Major and minor)
    • Civil construction
    • Land and subdivision development
    • General building contracting
    • Concrete pouring and pumping
    • Crane operations
    • Outdoor advertising installation
    • Environmental soil testing and hazardous waste removal
    • Pipeline contracting

  • Safety

    Safety is paramount to our success, it's not a word or a brand, a label or a sign, it’s a way of thinking

    No matter where you sit at Highway Traffic Control, from Diectors to frontline worker, safety is a core belief and is about protecting what we believe in. At Highway Traffic Control we encourage the building of a work culture in which everyone looks out for everyone else.

    We commit to providing a safe work environment for all employees, every single day, and to ensure that safe work practices, safety training and supervision are in place to minimise the possibility of incident or injury. At Highway Traffic Control, we continually seek to identify and eliminate any potential safety hazards.

    We welcome and engage our clients and our suppliers to ensure that as a collective, we are as safety-conscious as possible. More importantly, we are thinking about safety in a holistic way.

    We believe in trust, loyalty and keeping our word. We are committed to responsible Occupational Health and Safety management as an integrated and integral part of our business activities. In particular, we have several key safety principles that guide our approach:

    • Safety is fundamental to a successful organisation;
    • Committed and visible leadership is essential to a strong safety culture;
    • All incidents are largely preventable through control of risks;
    • Incidents are a learning opportunity;
    • Supervisors significantly influence safety performance and culture;
    • A robust safety management system must underpin the safety improvement program; and
    • Legal compliance is the minimum acceptable standard.

    Our safety procedures are in place to ensure that everybody goes home, without harm, at the end of every day

  • Recent Projects

    • Regional Rail Link (Package F)

      - Principal Contractor: Leighton Downer Joint Venture
      - Project Value: $835 Million
      - Date: 2012 - 2016

      The Regional Rail Link represents the largest investment in train control and systems in Victoria in over 30 years. HTC is providing a complete traffic management solution to the Leighton Downer Joint Venture during construction of this landmark project.

    • M80 Ring Road Upgrade

      - Principal Contractor: Various
      - Project Value: $647 Million
      - Date: 2009 - 2014

      The M80 Ring Road Upgrade extends 38km. HTC has provided comprehensive traffic management to various principle contractors including BMD Constructions, Tulla-Sydney Alliance and Fulton Hogan.

    • Clyde Road Duplication

      - Principal Contractor: BMD Constructions
      - Project Value: $55.6 Million
      - Date: 2012 - 2014

      The multi-million dollar upgrade of Clyde Road in Berwick is jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments. The upgrade will improve safety and traffic flows along Clyde Road and aims to enhance the character of the area.

    • Victorian Desalination Project

      - Principal Contractor: Thiess Degremont
      - Project Value: $5.7 Billion
      - Date: 2009 - 2013

      HTC was the principal supplier of traffic management for the Victorian Desalination Project. The Scope of Works encompassed not only traffic control in and around the Wonthaggi plant itself, but the associated regional pipelines as well.

    • Melbourne Main Sewer Replacement Project

      - Principal Contractor: John Holland
      - Project Value: $170 Million
      - Date: 2010 - 2012

      The Melbourne Main Sewer Replacement (MMSR) project replaced the existing Melbourne main sewer built 100 years ago. The project involved the construction of brand new underground sewer.

    • Sunbury Electrification Project

      - Principal Contractor: O’Donnell Griffin/Laing O’Rourke/BMD
      - Project Value: $270 Million
      - Date: 2010 - 2012

      During the two-year construction phase of this project, HTC provided traffic planning and traffic management services to the major contractors. Construction activities interfaced with public roads over 15km throughout the course of the project.

    • Anthony's Cutting Freeway Realignment

      - Principal Contractor: John Holland
      - Project Value: $200 Million
      - Date: 2010 - 2011

      HTC provided traffic management throughout the planning and construction phase of Anthony’s Cutting. HTC was awarded a safety innovation award on this project for its development and use of crew safety harness systems.

    • Sugarloaf Pipeline Project

      - Principal Contractor: John Holland/SKM/GHD
      - Project Value: $750 Million
      - Date: 2009 - 2010

      The Sugarloaf Pipeline project involved traffic management along more than 70km of pipeline construction. HTC provided a tailored solution to the construction consortium during both the planning and construction phases of the project.

    • Monash Freeway Widening Project

      - Principal Contractor: Monash Alliance (Abigroup)
      - Project Value: $204 Million
      - Date: 2007 - 2009

      HTC provided detailed traffic management plans as well as comprehensive and active traffic management during the 2-year widening of Melbourne’s Monash Freeway.

    • Construction of Eastlink Toll Road

      - Principal Contractor: Thiess/John Holland
      - Project Value: $2.5 Billion
      - Date: 2004 - 2008

      HTC provided a complete traffic management solution to the Thiess/John Holland consortium during construction of this landmark project. Up to 35 staff and numerous specialised vehicles from HTC were utilised on the project.

  • Executive Team

    Under New Management

    Highway Traffic Control is now owned and managed by Traffic Diversions Group.

  • Our People

    Our people are our most important asset.
    Our commitment to our people is to create and maintain a rewarding workplace for our employees by encouraging personal development, recognising good performance, valuing teamwork and fostering equality of opportunity. We believe that by creating an enjoyable working environment, we can help employees to achieve their career and personal goals. We want our people to feel that they have the opportunity to make a difference and help create a brighter future for themselves and others.

    We maintain a positive work environment through providing:
    • An ethics and values-based organisation.
    • Open two way communication.
    • Cultural and Behavioural (Capability) Framework.

    Support Staff
    Highway traffic Control employs 26 full-time staff across its 4 business divisions. The company brings together talented people from diverse backgrounds and is committed to training, personal empowerment, and flexibility in the workplace.

    Accredited Traffic Controllers and Team Leaders
    Highway Traffic Control has over 250+ qualified and licensed traffic controllers on call. Our staff are experienced, well-trained, professional and accredited. In addition, many staff are also certified with Level 2 First Aid.

    All Highway Traffic Control staff have extensive field experience and are fully accredited with VBQU506 and VBQU507 accreditation in addition to holding a current construction Industry Card (formerly Red Card). Staff adhere to a strict PPE code at all times.

    Highway Traffic Control operates a documented zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy, which combined with regular screening, ensures that we provide the best, most capable staff on any given project.

  • FREECALL 24 Hours / 7 Days: 1300 482 287

    HTC operates from two Victorian metropolitan depots. These premises are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year allowing HTC to provide clients with an all-hours, short notice and emergency call out capability. We regularly provide last-minute emergency, crash, and relief crews to government and private clients in and around the metro area.

    Eastern Region
    10-18 Waterview Close,
    Dandenong South, Victoria, 3121

    Western Region
    48 Industrial Drive,
    Sunshine West Victoria 3020

    Email Contacts

    General Enquiries:

    Victorian Bookings:

    Under New Management

    Highway Traffic Control is now owned and managed by Traffic Diversions Group.

  • Company Overview

    Protecting People
    Highway Traffic Control (HTC) is a provider of traffic management and traffic planning solutions to both Government and all areas of the private sector. The company is 100% committed to helping our clients keep their workforce and the general public safe whilst minimizing the impact of works on infrastructure, stakeholders and the traveling public.

    Leading the Way
    Highway Traffic Control is recognized as a leader in the Australian Traffic Management industry. The company has worked on some of the largest road projects in Victoria and continues to deliver world-class outcomes whilst meeting all regulatory and compliance obligations. HTC continually invests in the latest technology, training, equipment and vehicles to provide the highest level of safety possible for our clients.
    Highway Traffic Control is a trusted, reliable and efficient supplier of traffic solutions for a wide and varied range of businesses and works with road authorities, councils and private entities to ensure the safe and controlled movement of motorists and pedestrians around worksites by using trained and accredited staff, specialized vehicles, temporary traffic signage, arrow boards, crash barriers, and delineators.

    HTC provides traffic management for a wide range of projects including:

    • Freeway and Highway works
    • Civil construction
    • Construction and demolition works
    • Major events
    • Council, public and private works and events
    • Film, TV and advertising production
    With a specialised fleet of over 100 traffic management vehicles and over 250 experienced and accredited traffic management staff on call, HTC is ideally placed to provide you with a tailored traffic management solution to help you achieve your project's goals. HTC has achieved pre-qualification for VicRoads and numerous federal and state government bodies, and whether your project is the resurfacing of a major freeway, civil or Council works, construction, a major public event or community street festival, HTC will provide a quality-assured, professional and cost effective solution for you.

  • Our Vision

    To be the knowledge leader in Traffic Management services.

    Our Values

    Integrity - Do the right thing

    • We treat everybody politely, fairly and with respect
    • We respect the privacy and rights of others
    • We build valid long-term relationships based on transparency and trust


    • We work together with staff and clients to improve our service
    • We foster a team environment to help overcome obsticles
    • We build valid long-term relationships based on transparency and trust

    Service Standards & Commitment to Excellence

    • We provide promp, relevant, accurate and professional service
    • We listen, ask questions and seek customer feedback
    • We strive to continuously improve our processes and efficiencies
    • We provide a consistent, predictable industry-leading experience for all our clients, large and small


    • We strive for no accidents anytime, anywhere
    • We use our systems, tools and equipment safely and responsibly
    • We cultivate a safe, empowered workforce who is fit-for-work and accountable

  • Traffic Management Services

    Complete Traffic management Solution for any Project
    HTC is a trusted, reliable and efficient supplier of Traffic Management Solutions to a wide client base throughout Australia. The management team at HTC has more than 30 years of varied industry experience from Mining, Aviation, Road Building, Forestry, Equipment Hire, Training and the Traffic Management Industries. HTC works closely with VicRoads, State and Local government authorities and departments, and a wide range of private companies to ensure that the safety of work crews, motorists and pedestrians in and around work sites is maintained at all times.

    HTC is committed to providing a complete traffic management solution package and continuously invests in leading edge technologies including, management systems, training, equipment, and vehicles to provide the highest levels of service and professionalism.

    Highway Traffic Control Pty Ltd is committed to providing the highest levels of service to our clients and can provide:
    • Traffic Planning & Consultancy
    • Hazard identification and analysis
    • Drafting of Traffic & Pedestrian Management Plans
    • Lodgment of permits (Main Roads/Councils/Police)
    • Fully trained and accredited Traffic Controllers
    • Full range of specialized Traffic Management Vehicles
    • Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs)
    • Advance warning signage
    • Traffic safety products including crash barriers
    HTC has a fleet of over 100 specialised Traffic Management vehicles and can provide:
    • Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs) for crew shadowing and additional crew safety at busy worksites
    • High-deck and custom low-deck fully equipped work trucks with integrated B Class arrow boards
    • 1-tonne vehicles with integrated B Class arrow boards and signage for smaller projects
    • Trailer-mounted C Class arrow boards for highway work
    • Trailer-mounted VMS boards
  • Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs)

    Mobile Safety Solution for any Worksite
    A Truck Mounted Attenuator, also known as a crash attenuator, or bump truck, is a device mounted to a dedicated truck that is intended to reduce the damage to structures, vehicles, and motorists resulting from a motor vehicle collision. Impact attenuators are designed to absorb the colliding vehicle's kinetic energy. They may also be designed to redirect the vehicle away from the hazard or away from roadway machinery and workers.

    HTC operates 10 state-of-the-art TMAs which include Variable Message Systems (VMS) and can provide a mobile safety solution to add compliance, increase safety and efficiency of your work crew. Utilising a TMA adds significantly to the safety of any road worksite.

    The TMA provides the following added safety measures to a work zone:

    • Greatly improves visibility of the work zone due to its prominent arrow board and emergency beacons.
    • Provides a physical barrier between the travelling motorist and the work crew and their vehicles.
    • Increases WHS compliance and adds to the general overall safety of the works zone.
    • Increases work efficiencies due to the ability to safely shadow crews during moving or temporary works or multiple work zones.
    Truck-mounted-attenuators are usually placed a safe distance behind other crew vehicles, plant used for road construction projects, and crews working on the roads. Work zone regulations often specify a minimum buffer distance between the attenuator truck and the work area, and also a minimum mass for the truck, to minimize the chances that the truck will be pushed forward by a crash into the workers or machinery. This is especially important in mobile work zones, where crew may be performing works directly on the road, or in an enclosed area.

  • Traffic Plans & Consultancy

    Traffic Management Plans for any Project (Large or Small)
    HTC is recognized as a leading supplier of detailed traffic management plans that either meet or exceed Australian standards. In an increasingly busy road and traffic environment, a traffic management plan is frequently required by road authorities or Councils before any on-road activity can commence. Workplace inspectors and VicRoads officers regularly patrol work areas on and near roads, and shut down and fine non-compliant worksites and their contractors. Local Government and VicRoads typically require traffic management plans before a Permit will be issued for most types of activities.

    Highway Traffic Control's plans division specializes in drafting traffic plans specific to any project, from straightforward temporary one-lane closures through to major closures and detours required for events and freeway works.

    Plans are site-specific and drawn by experienced Traffic Managers showing all relevant road conditions. Additional time is required to allow for onsite assessment. Pricing is dependent upon the project size and requirements.

    We have an extensive database of Permit procedures, as well as an established professional relationship with VicRoads departments, Police, and Local Councils in all metro and country areas.

  • Safety Observers

    Protecting your people and your assets
    HTC provides licensed and accredited Safety Spotters for worksites and other busy areas that potentially involve plant and operations near either buried or above-ground utility assets.

    Our experienced safety spotters are accredited by Energy Safe Victoria and hold a minimum of the following qualifications:

    • Construction Induction (White) Card
    • Plant Knowledge certification
    • Workplace Spotters certification (22195VIC) from Energy Safe Victoria
    • Level 2 First Aid
    Employing a spotter assists with making your workplace more OHS compliant as well as adding an extra level of protection for both contractors, your plant and your operators.

  • Safety Policy

    Safety: The Number One Priority
    At Highway Traffic Control, safety is the number one priority. Whether it's your staff, your equipment, your employers and their people, co-contractors or the general public, HTC is 100% committed to keeping everyone safe whilst working on and around the road.

    As part of the IQMS, HTC has implemented a comprehensive policy into its day to day operations and actively uses the Hierarchy Of Controls and other risk mitigation strategies when planning and implementing traffic control solutions for our clients. We strive toward a firm goal of "no accidents, anytime, anywhere" and our management, team leaders, and all staff have safety at top of mind.

    Our experienced team leaders are encouraged to be proactive whilst on site and are accredited to modify a traffic management plan or specific set up if it affords the opportunity of a safer and more Occupational Health & Safety and environmentally compliant worksite.

    The executive team at HTC continually monitors and refines the company's implementation of its safety policy and encourages staff input in improving systems, procedures, and equipment design.

  • Compliance

    Quality Assurance
    Highway Traffic Control maintains a number of compliance policies which promote ethical and responsible decision-making and business compliance within the relevant ISO 9001 framework.

    These policies are in place to ensure effective corporate governance, and are regularly reviewed to ensure that they assist us in providing full transparency and accountability within the dynamic and changing environment in which we operate.

    Key Policies are available for download here:

    Quality Policy

    OHS Policy

    Enviromental Policy

  • Integrated Quality Management System

    Quality Assurance
    HTC recognises the importance and need for a Quality Assurance System and has created and maintained an integrated management system for over 4 years. The key elements of this system are:

    • A policy manual that defines the organisational commitment and policies;
    • A policy manual that defines the organisational commitment and policies;
    • An organisational structure that defines and allocates responsibilities;
    • Procedures that demonstrate work flow in various forms to maintain checks and balances in operations in accordance with the policy and procedure manuals;
    • OHS, and Environmental policies;
    • Management review processes that ensure the system meets appropriate legislation, regulation, codes of practice, including key measurements; and
    • Continuous improvement processes (including review and monitoring of a number of varied Key Performance Indicators across the operation).
    HTC is constantly refining the process by which it delivers Traffic Management services, which was acknowledged by John Holland (Anthony's Cutting Project) with a Safety Innovation Award for safety harnessing on the traffic management vehicle fleet.

    To maintain HTC's position as an industry-leading leading traffic management company, HTC has engaged ISO Global for the purpose of conducting a gap analysis on existing Quality, Safety and Environment management systems prior to our certification to the international standards ISO9001:2008, ISO 14000 and ISO 4801 (5 ticks). We anticipate this process to be complete by early 2013.

  • Developing high performing and engaged people

    Working at Highway Traffic Control
    Highway Traffic Control is the largest privately owned Victorian Traffic Maangement company and has worked on many iconic landmarks in Melbourne and Adelaide. Highway Traffic Control’s core values are safety, sustainability, community and innovation and our actions as a company are guided by those principles.

    Our people are inspired to create environments that inspires others, helping form the fabric of the communities in which we live and work. We differentiate ourselves in the market with a culture of employing and providing people with the ability to develop their careers from trainees through to senior managers. We work with the highest quality customers, developing and attracting the best people and continuing our enviable track record of reliable delivery and safety.

    As Highway Traffic Control continues to develop, we believe the values we hold and the strategies we have in place can only enhance our strong business reputation. In order for us to continue to succeed, we need to ensure we have the right people and best expertise across our business in Australia.

    If you enjoy working in a team, on large scale, cutting edge projects, and have experience within the Construction and Transportation industries, Highway Traffic Control has a career for you.

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